KAMTUNA: Your Kambing and Tuna Heaven

Since the soft launch of KAMTUNA in February, the restaurant has been met with great reviews and positive feedback, yesterday,

Ms. Jane Dy – One of the Restaurant Owners
Ms. Henny Sescon – Kamtuna PR and Marketing Manager

April 18, 2021, marks the official opening of KAMTUNA in Cagayan de Oro together with its take-out favorites namely; Kaldereta, Papaitan, Halang-Halang, Tuna Karage, and Tataki Salad.

The prices of Kambing dishes range from P135-160 and tuna ranging from P165-260. In addition to the restaurant’s namesake dishes, KAMTUNA also serves Filipino favorites such as; Crispy Pata, Sizzling Sisig, and beverages. Breakfast meals are also offered to accommodate early-bird guests wanting to have coffee and Silog meals.

Kamtuna opened ready to serve Kagayanons their Kambing and Tuna cravings with fresh kambing and tuna meats. All kitchen staff is skillfully trained in preparing safe and delicious meals for all customers.

Kamtuna Bar and Dining is located at the 2nd Level of PPA1 Building, NHA, Kauswagan Highway. CDO (Caltex Station NHA) with dining hours from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.

For take-out and reservations, guests may contact 0995-172-9582.



  • Kaldereta – P160
  • Adobong Kambing – P165
  • Papaitan – P140
  • Halang-Halang – P140
  • Kilawin – P140
  • Sinigang na Kambing – P135
  • Paklay – P140


  • Tataki Salad – P165
  • Pan-seared Tuna Kinilaw – P170
  • Tuna Karage – P165
  • Spicy Tuna Nachos – P170

  • Tuna Miso Soup – P120
  • Sizzling Tuna Belly – P165
  • Tuna Sisig – P165



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