Meet the Team


We are a tech-savy young group of individuals who loves exploring different areas of life and experiences. We do things out of complete passion and love of life.


Ma. Khristine “KC” Curay

(PR/Marketing, Content Manager, Writer and Overall Incharge)

KC is energetic, driven and loves adventure. She is a nature lover, certified foodie, movie buff, pet lover and a very sociable person. She loves being around people, always craves for excitement and loves exploring different places. She focuses on the site’s marketing functions, content writing and management, doing interviews and covering events.


Alvin Curay

(PR/Marketing, Photographer, Videographer)

Alvin is very adventurous, laid-back and outgoing. He has a positive outlook in life and has an eye for photography. He is focused on the site’s marketing functions, videos, photos, he also assists in covering events and features.


Gail A. Gonzales

(Videographer/Photographer/Graphic Artist/Mural Artist)

El is tech-savvy, keen, and always on-the-go. He is never without his camera since taking pictures and capturing videos are his passion and profession. He likes to seek adventure or play sports when he’s outdoors and enjoys computer games when he’s indoors. His areas of expertise include photography, videography, logo creation and graphic design.


Jiamila E. Panaraag

(Content Writer/Graphic Artist/Photographer/Mural Artist)

Jam is creative, adventurous and a kid at heart. She is a mural artist, a cat lady, a book lover and a soccer enthusiast. She is very passionate about travel and loves the outdoors. She also enjoys embracing new cultures and experiences in different places and with different people. Her specialties are painting, content writing and graphic design.