Superstar KTV Lounge & Club: Party and Sing-along with Luxury and Style

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Filipinos are known for having great voices. Almost every Filipino has a good singing voice implanted in their DNA and because of this, KTV businesses are always a hit everywhere in the Philippines.

That is why when Superstar KTV Lounge & Club officially opened last Friday, August 3, 2018 at the 3rd floor of Cagayan Town Center in Cagayan de Oro City, Kagay-anons were overjoyed about this new addition to the city’s nightlife scene. The best part, it’s a KTV Lounge and Club in one!

How much does it cost to have a fun time at Superstar KTV Lounge & Club?

To enter the place and fully take advantage of the venue, the Entrance fee on Regular days is P100 per person. The lounge and club is open daily from 7pm – 3am.

As for the KTV Rooms here are the rates and inclusions:

P5, 000 – Good for 4-6 persons, consumable and unlimited KTV.

P8, 000 – Good for 7-10 persons, consumable and unlimited KTV.

P10, 000 – Good for 10-15 persons, consumable and unlimited KTV.

P12, 000 – Good for 15-25 persons, consumable and unlimited KTV.

Operating Hours: Door opens 6pm for the KTV until 3am.

  • The rates will vary if the venue is hosting an event.

What’s in store at Superstar KTV Lounge & Club?

In case you’re wondering what Superstar KTV Lounge & Club has to offer, we experienced it first-hand and I must say it was a fantastic experience!

It’s like you’re inside one of those luxury clubs in Dubai where the elite come to party. That’s how posh, classy and extravagant it is.

From the furniture to the decors, everything is fancy. You’ll surely be impressed by the interiors. Plus the DJ booth is so cool! Check it out!

When you enter the KTV rooms, everything looks so out of this world. The design will take your breath away.

I can really say that every minute is worth it at this party venue!

Superstar KTV Lounge & Club offers a wide range of beverages and a great lineup of food for guests, so in short, everything you need is here! The place is ideal for partying and celebrating occasions which you can enjoy with friends and family. What more could you ask for?

VIP and Media Night

The VIP and Media Night was perhaps the highlight of the weekend with the event packed with VIP guests and media representatives/top bloggers in the city.

The candidates of the Miss Cagayan de Oro competition were also there.

The program started with the guests being treated to a light dinner and some cocktails.


The host then welcomed the guests and the Amplified DJ’s played some cool beats to entertain the crowd.

A few moments later, the business owners came on stage led by Ms. Emilyn Roxanne Yu Go. She delivered some opening remarks and proposed a toast to officially signal the opening of Superstar KTV Lounge & Club.

Ms. Emilyn Yu-Go, one of the owners of Superstar KTV Lounge & Club

Confetti and balloons were released and the party was just about to get started! You can see the excitement on the crowd’s faces.

A flairtending exhibition then took place which sent heart pulses racing every time the bottle landed the bartender’s hands.

After that, the DJ’s continued to provide awesome music to the delight of the crowd. The bloggers were then directed to one of the KTV rooms for the singing contest.

The 3 challengers won gift certificates worth P2, 000 each at Superstar KTV Lounge & Club.

The venue was then open to the public when 10 pm came and customers came flocking in before they closed.

Truly it was a memorable night!

Contact Details

If you have inquiries or want to book the venue, you can reach them at the contact information below:

Facebook: Superstar KTV Lounge & Club

Contact Number: 0917-311-6744

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