Dahilayan Adventure Park: Where Thrills Meet Tranquility

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Dahilayan Adventure Park beckons thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike.

With a wide array of adrenaline-pumping rides, a luxurious mountain lodge, and a Swiss-inspired Alpine Village, this destination offers a perfect blend of excitement and serenity.

Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker

Dahilayan Adventure Park is a haven for those seeking an adrenaline rush without breaking the bank. The park boasts an impressive lineup of rides that cater to every adventurer’s taste.


  • Zipline 840m: Experience the thrill of soaring through the air for ₱500
  • Zipline 320m + 150m: A combination ride for the daring at ₱250


  • Single Rider: Plummet from the sky at ₱500
  • Tandem Pair: Share the experience with a friend at ₱750

Razorback Mountain Coaster:

  • Single Ride: Conquer the twists and turns for ₱400
  • Double Ride: Experience the coaster with a companion for ₱600

Other Thrilling Rides:

Skytower Base Jump: Take a leap of faith for ₱400.

Python Roller Zipride: A unique zipline experience at ₱300.

Flying Lizard Canopy Glider: Glide through the treetops for ₱250.

Operating Hours: Open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Address: Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

Website: https://www.dahilayanadventurepark.com/

Facebook Page: Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Pinegrove Mountain Lodge: A Retreat in Luxury

For those yearning for a serene escape, Dahilayan Pinegrove Mountain Lodge offers the epitome of luxury. Set amidst the cold climate, this lodge provides well-appointed accommodations with breathtaking views.


Guests can elevate their events with state-of-the-art function rooms and indulge in a culinary journey at the lodge’s restaurant, where each bite tells a story.

Sumptuous Offerings:

Pinegrove Fried Chicken

Pinegrove Pinakbet


Pancit Canton

Pork Sinigang


For inquiries and reservations, contact them at:

Contact Number: 0917 622 3204
Email: [email protected]
Website: Dahilayan Adventure Park

Facebook Page: Pinegrove Mountain Lodge

Unwind, dine, and create lasting memories at Pinegrove Mountain Lodge.

Jojo Potato and Sweet Leaf: Snack Haven

Craving a delicious snack? Head over to Jojo Potato Fries and Sweet Leaf for an array of tempting options such as corndogs, french fries, and refreshing milk tea.

Dahilayan Alpine Village: A Swiss-Inspired Escape

For a unique Swiss-inspired escape, Dahilayan Alpine Village is the place to be.

Families can enjoy the Razorback Mountain Coaster, while younger guests indulge in the joy of the Air Race, Alpine Carousel, and Ferris Wheel.

Fully furnished cabins, accommodating 4-8 persons, come equipped with a semi-equipped kitchen, sofa bed, and terrace.


Entrance Fee – P100

All Kiddie Ride Combo – P250
Inclusions: Air Race, Carousel, Mine Trails and Ferris Wheel

Any Three Rides – P200
Any Two Rides – P150
Any One Ride – P100

Razorback Mountain Coaster – Single – P400, Double – P600

Picnic Area Hut (6-hour rental) – P500

For bookings and inquiries, contact them at:

Contact Number: 0917 622 3204
Email: [email protected]
Address: Dahilayan Road, Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich – Bukidnon

Facebook Page: Dahilayan Alpine Village

Dahilayan Adventure Park truly offers an unforgettable experience, where the thrill of adventure meets the tranquility of the mountains.

Whether you seek heart-pounding rides or a peaceful retreat, this destination has it all. Plan your visit today and embark on a journey that combines excitement, luxury, and natural beauty.

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