Liceo Dragonoids of Cagayan de Oro Claim Victory at the 2nd JCI Kagayhaan Gold Cup Dragonboat Competition

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It was an action-packed weekend as the 2nd JCI Kagayhaan Gold Cup Dragonboat Competition took place for 3 days in a row. The event’s theme or tagline was “Peace is Possible” proving that it is possible to unite despite of the … Continued

9D Virtual Reality: Enjoy Cyber Adventures at the Newest Style of Virtual Reality Simulator

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Virtual reality is defined by Wikipedia as a “computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multi-projected environments, to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a … Continued

ROX Bike Fair is Back with a Vengeance as They Bring Kagay-anons “Bike Out 2017 Fun Ride”

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ROX (Recreational Outdoor eXchange) is well-known as Southeast Asia’s Biggest Outdoor Superstore. It has always been their goal to encourage and support outdoor enthusiast communities. They are able to do this by bringing a wide variety of high quality outdoor … Continued