Southeast Café Handcrafted Beverages: A Flavorful Journey through Southeast Asia

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, has a new sensation in town, and it’s taking the local cafe scene by storm. Southeast Café Handcrafted Beverages is the latest addition to the city’s culinary landscape, offering a unique fusion of Vietnamese and Thai … Continued

Bean Voyage Coffee Roasters: Every Wanderlust’s Haven in Cagayan de Oro and Home of the Famous Selfie Coffee

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Cagayan de Oro is a city where several unique coffee shops abound and one of them is Bean Voyage Coffee Roasters. This coffee place is very popular among tourists, students and millennials due to its cool and relaxed ambiance. Not … Continued

Breadtime Stories Café: Bringing Out the Kid in Us, Giving Us New Stories to Tell, Memorable Moments to Share

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There’s a new café in town and it’s creating a buzz to those who have recently been there. It’s called “Breadtime Stories Café” and is owned by a group of college friends who ventured into business. Business Inspiration According to … Continued