Limketkai Luxe Hotel Chinese New Year 2020 Celebration: A Dragon Dance and A Chinese Feast

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The Chinese New Year is one of the most-awaited celebrations not only for Chinese people but Filipinos as well. Each year is represented by an animal and for this year, it is the Year of the Metal Rat. This year, 2020 is said to bring luck and prosperity to everyone.

The Rat in the Zodiac is on the first position and it symbolizes kindness, generosity, and diligence. Many consider the Chinese New Year as an important celebration since this festival is the main reason for the largest annual mass human migration in the world.

Last Saturday, January 25, 2020, Limketkai Luxe Hotel celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Dragon/Lion Dance plus a Chinese-themed Lunch Buffet.

We were all amazed an entertained as the Dragon and Lion Dance commenced. The Dragon Dance is an ancient traditional Chinese dance, usually performed during big holidays, in the hope of attracting peace and prosperity for the whole nation.

After the amusing dance, everybody was led to Kave Restaurant for a Chinese New Year Buffet. Upon entering, everyone can see that the surroundings all carry the colors red and gold, especially in the decorations because they are said to bring happiness, prosperity and long life.

Some of the lucky foods served in the Chinese New Year Buffet are the oranges, noodles, Peking duck, rice cake, taro balls, peanut candy, sesame balls, fried dough twists, siopao and many more.

Overall, it was an extravagant and memorable celebration and we all hope that 2020 does bring everyone, happiness, abundance, and prosperity!

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