Miss Cagayan de Oro 2022 Evening Gown Competition: A Night of Elegance and Grace

One of my favorite segments in every beauty pageant is the Evening Gown Competition. Because at this point, candidates are not just showcasing their beauty. They also display elegance, poise, and grace.

Cagayan de Oro is not just the city of golden friendship, it is also full of beautiful women and the Miss Cagayan de Oro 2022 candidates proved just that during the pageant’s Evening Gown Competition held last August 13, 2022, at the SM CDO Downtown Premier Mega Screen Cinema.

Posing with Ms. Mags Cue (Chairman of Miss Cagayan de Oro)

All 13 candidates wore couture pieces from the amazing designers of the OFDG (Oro Fashion Designers Guild). The fabrics used in the impeccable gowns were from Gaisano and all came in cool colors of blue and green.

Here are some photos of the ladies sashaying on stage wearing their lovely gowns:


As part of the program, the Chairman of Miss Cdo herself, the ethereal Ms. Mags Cue gave a short message which inspired the candidates and enlightened the audience.

Ms. Mags Cue – Chairman of Miss Cagayan de Oro Beauty Pageant

Towards the end of the program, 22 awards were given to the selected candidates. Some of the awardees were; Candidate #6 “Luisa Leodones Bingtan” with the “Miss Gaisano” Award, Candidate #1 “Cris Antonette Teano” with the “Best in Runway” Award, Candidate #4 “Blanche Nicole Villaruz” with the “Miss Personality” Award, and Candidate #14 “Lyle Justine Laid” with the “Miss Congeniality” Award.

The “Best in Evening Gown” and “Best Gown Design” winners will be announced during the pageant’s coronation night this coming August 27, 2022.

Top 3 Picks

Our Top 3 Picks for the Night were the following:

Candidate #1 “Cris Antonette Teano” (Gown by Juniel Doring) – This creation resembles the Cagayan de Oro River. The river that glimmers as it flows with grace, the river that streams with might against obstacles. An epitome of beauty and strength.

Why we love her and the look:  She looked like a living barbie doll as she strutted on stage. The girl is a natural on the runway, the walk doesn’t feel forced and she was able to showcase the gown elegantly. Indeed, she is a timeless beauty. The gown was extraordinary and the top part of her gown resembled a flower which was a scene-stealer.

Candidate #6 “Luisa Leodones Bingtan” (Gown by Ruvil Neri) – This gown is inspired by the colors of the ocean as it is clear and pure mirroring the hearts of the Kagayanons. A soft material is used as it flows freely along with a pattern silhouette to add a fixed shape.

Why we love her and the look: First of all, she moved like a true princess. Confident, smart, and a bit seductive, the girl definitely carried herself well in this ensemble. It gave us that Queen of the Nile “Cleopatra” vibe. Love all the intricate details of the gown, all the embellishments, and the fabrics and materials used really came together well which makes it very impressive.

Candidate #12 “Anna Marie Rebucas” (Gown by Gil Macaibay III) – A sophisticated piece that embodies every beautiful piece of a woman. It highlights every curve without looking inappropriate. It’s eye-catching yet manages to leave a layer of mystery waiting to be discovered.

Why we love her and the look: The lady looked like a real darling on stage. She was charming, flamboyant, and playful on stage yet still someone you cannot underestimate. She proved to be a head-turner on this number. What really caught our eye with the gown is the neckline. Those dangling bits are genius since they do not only make the gown shine but also double as a neck accessory for the lovely candidate. The overall design is world-class quality and one we can be proud to call one of our own.

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