Downtown Suites CDO Welcomes Guests Once Again! Offering Comfort, Accessibility, and Affordability in One Place

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Planning a visit to Cagayan de Oro? Look no further for the perfect accommodation option! Discover Downtown Suites CDO, a charming 2-story hotel conveniently located on Monte Carlo Street, Corrales, CDO. It caters to travelers, tourists, and backpackers seeking a comfortable, clean, and budget-friendly place to stay.

Downtown Suites CDO gets its name from its downtown location in the southern part of the city. Unlike bustling central areas, this hotel is nestled in a serene spot on Corrales Street, ensuring a peaceful stay. Adding a personal touch, the hotel’s logo incorporates the favorite colors of the owners and their children.


At Downtown Suites CDO, you’ll find a range of well-appointed rooms that are impeccably clean, spacious, and designed with a modern aesthetic. Here are their various room types:

1. Single Room – The Single Room is a cozy and inviting space designed for solo travelers seeking comfort and relaxation. It features a comfortable single bed with premium linens and soft pillows to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

The room is thoughtfully furnished and is perfect for business travelers or those who wish to catch up on emails. With tasteful decor and ample natural light, the Single Room offers a peaceful sanctuary for the solo adventurer.

2. Twin Room – The Twin Room is a delightful accommodation option ideal for friends or family traveling together. It boasts two comfortable twin beds to guarantee a great night’s sleep. The room is designed with practicality in mind, providing sufficient space to move around and store belongings.

Guests can enjoy in-room entertainment with a flat-screen TV and access to high-speed internet for staying connected. The en-suite bathroom is well-appointed with modern fixtures and complimentary toiletries, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable stay. The Twin Room creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for companions looking to make lasting memories.

3. Queen Room – The Queen Room exudes elegance and comfort, offering a spacious retreat for couples or individual travelers seeking a touch of luxury. The room features a lavish queen-sized bed with premium bedding, inviting guests to unwind and indulge in a serene slumber. Stylishly decorated, the Queen Room boasts modern furnishings and soft lighting, creating a tranquil ambiance.


Guests can enjoy entertainment with a large flat-screen TV. It also has a private bathroom complemented by toiletries for convenience. Whether for a romantic getaway or a peaceful escape, the Queen Room ensures a memorable and sophisticated stay.

4. Family Room – The Family Room is a spacious and versatile accommodation designed to accommodate the entire family comfortably. This room type typically includes a combination of beds, such as a queen-sized bed for parents and an additional bunk bed for children. The Family Room is equipped with ample storage space, allowing guests to keep their belongings organized throughout their stay.

Entertainment options include a flat-screen TV and access to family-friendly channels, ensuring everyone’s entertainment needs are met. The en-suite bathroom is well-appointed with modern fixtures and amenities for added convenience. With ample space to bond and relax together, the Family Room creates cherished moments and lasting memories for the whole family.

5. PWD/Senior Citizen Room – The PWD/Senior Citizen Room is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of persons with disabilities and senior citizens, ensuring a safe and comfortable stay. This accessible room is located on the ground floor or near the entrance for easy access. It is equipped with wide doorways, handrails, and a spacious layout to accommodate mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers.

The PWD/Senior Citizen Room is a compassionate and inclusive space, offering all the amenities needed for a restful and pleasant stay for guests with special requirements.

The following are the STANDARD RATES for your reference:

DAY RATE: From 6 AM to 6 PM

  • Single Room: P300 (6 hrs), P540 (12 hrs), P1,080 (24 hrs)
  • Queen Room: P350 (6 hrs), P720 (12 hrs), P1,440 (24 hrs)
  • Twin Room: P420 (6 hrs), P780 (12 hrs), P1,560 (24 hrs)

NIGHT RATE: From 6 PM to 6 AM

  • Single Room: P420 (6 hrs), P660 (12 hrs), P1,080 (24 hrs)
  • Queen Room: P480 (6 hrs), P840 (12 hrs), P1,440 (24 hrs)
  • Twin Room: P540 (6 hrs), P900 (12 hrs), P1,560 (24 hrs)

Take advantage of their PROMO RATES for additional savings:

DAY RATE: From 6 AM to 6 PM

  • Single Room: P250 (6 hrs), P450 (12 hrs), P900 (24 hrs)
  • Queen Room: P300 (6 hrs), P600 (12 hrs), P1,200 (24 hrs)
  • Twin Room: P350 (6 hrs), P650 (12 hrs), P1,300 (24 hrs)

NIGHT RATE: From 6 PM to 6 AM

  • Single Room: P350 (6 hrs), P550 (12 hrs), P900 (24 hrs)
  • Queen Room: P400 (6 hrs), P700 (12 hrs), P1,300 (24 hrs)
  • Twin Room: P450 (6 hrs), P750 (12 hrs), P1,300 (24 hrs)

They also offer discounted SENIOR CITIZEN AND PWD ROOM RATES with a 20% discount:

DAY RATE: From 6 AM to 6 PM

  • Single Room: P240 (6 hrs), P432 (12 hrs), P864 (24 hrs)
  • Queen Room: P288 (6 hrs), P600 (12 hrs), P600 (24 hrs)
  • Twin Room: P336 (6 hrs), P650 (12 hrs), P650 (24 hrs)

NIGHT RATE: From 6 PM to 6 AM

  • Single Room: P336 (6 hrs), P528 (12 hrs), P864 (24 hrs)
  • Queen Room: P384 (6 hrs), P672 (12 hrs), P1,152 (24 hrs)
  • Twin Room: P432 (6 hrs), P720 (12 hrs), P1,248 (24 hrs)

Please note that rates are subject to change without prior notice and do not include complimentary breakfast. All rates are inclusive of VAT and Local Tax.

Each room at Downtown Suites CDO offers the following amenities:

• Fully air-conditioned rooms
• Cable Led Television
• Hot & Cold Shower
• Free Wifi
• 24/7 Standby Generator
• 24/7 Mini Store Stand
• 24/7 Camera Surveillance
• Solar-Powered
• Easy Access to Public Transportation
• Intercom Telephone
• Free Parking Area


For inquiries or reservations, please contact Downtown Suites CDO using the following details:

Facebook Page: Downtown Suites CDO

Email Address: [email protected]

Contact numbers:

  • 0939 222 9535 (SMART)
  • 0936 822 5008 (TM)
  • (088) 323 5567 (Landline)

Experience the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and affordability at Downtown Suites CDO. Book your stay with them today and make your visit to Cagayan de Oro truly memorable!

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