Father & Sons’ Music – The Newest Music School & Studio is Now Open at SM City CDO Uptown

Music is food for the soul. It relaxes the mind and comforts one when lonely. Music comes in many forms such as voice and can be created using different types of instruments. If you love music and would like to … Continued

CDO Content Creators Club – The Birth of a New Blogger Organization in Cagayan de Oro

In this Digital Age, social media plays an important role. This is when the rise of content creators began. A content creator makes and provides content for digital channels, such as websites and social media, that targets a specific end-user … Continued

iSeek Velvet Soaps – The Ultimate Secret to Silky, White Skin

Every woman or man wants to have the perfect skin. But sometimes, that can be hard to achieve due to the different surroundings and circumstances one is in. However, with the right skin care, it is achievable. I tried it … Continued

Coldzone “The Creamiest Halo-Halo” Opens New Branch at SM City CDO Uptown

Uptowners can now enjoy their favorite cold desserts, like the halo-halo and ice cream products offered by Coldzone! It’s because Coldzone just opened their newest branch on the Ground Floor of SM City Cdo Uptown yesterday! Finally, the creamiest halo-halo … Continued

Anastasia Lee Cakes Opens SM CDO Downtown Premier Branch – Taking Cakes to a Whole New Level

Cakes are important desserts for every occasion. They brighten up a celebration, making it more colorful, and special. Now when we say “Anastasia Lee Cakes“, that takes cakes to a whole new level! It’s because they serve the most beautiful-looking … Continued

Glaze 8 Handcrafted Donuts is Now Open! Big & Delicious Donuts Are Finally Here

When it comes to donuts, what we all want is one that’s huge, chunky, and tasty. Glaze 8 Handcrafted Donuts is a homegrown brand owned by the Navarro family. They held their Grand Opening yesterday, December 2, 2022. Glaze 8 … Continued