SweetCravings by Mags: A Charming Pastry Shop Offering Incredible Sweets and Home of the Famous “Cakes in a Can”

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Sweets are the remedy for sad and tired souls.

When we talk about sweets, they usually bring a smile upon our face. It’s because they have a way of cheering us up after a bad day or when we’re down. They make us happy and make our days brighter.

For a sweet tooth like me, I like all things sweet and I hardly miss a day getting my dose of sweetness. There are also some people who, after finishing their meals would look for desserts or anything sweet to conclude what they just ate.

But some restaurants don’t offer sweets or desserts. Thankfully, there’s a lovely pastry shop at SM CDO Downtown Premier located at the 4th floor called “SweetCravings by Mags”.


According to the owner, Mags Acapulco, it all started as a hobby which she practiced at home. She has a sweet tooth so she loved to bake every now and then. Mags didn’t intend to turn her passion into a business at first but when orders started coming in, this is what made her change her mind. She admitted that she brought her baked creations at gatherings and those who loved them started ordering from her. This fueled her to actually start a business.

To develop her skills, she decided to take up lifestyle courses at Monster Kitchen and her training there is a big contribution to her current business. This culinary school led her to join their food bazaars and many got interested and bought her products.

After some time, Mags placed some of her cakes and other pastries at her restaurant Mykarelli’s Grill and these products gained a lot of positive feedback from customers. Because of this, she decided to put up a pastry shop at SM Cdo Downtown Premier and “SweetCravings by Mags” was born last May 12, 2017.


The original concept was for SweetCravings by Mags to become a take-out Pasalubong counter, a mall kiosk or pastry shop for people who want to buy snack items or pastries as gifts or Pasalubong to their loved ones. However, due to the encouragement of SM, it didn’t turn out that way because it became a café or coffee shop of some sort.

SweetCravings by Mags is very appealing to the eyes because it used pastel colors in its walls and packaging. If you look at the place from afar, you will be immediately drawn to it due to its cute decors, paint and furniture. Their lights are shaped like muffin molds if you look closely.

Arianne Montecillo designed the place and Emmanuel Mulawan did the mirror mural to add more beauty to the café.


It is the only café or pastry shop in Cagayan de Oro that offers “Cakes in a Can”. These are cakes that are contained inside glossy, metallic cans, wrapped with beautiful ribbons and sometimes come with greeting cards or decors.

Cakes in a Can is one of SweetCravings by Mags’ signature products. The owner created them to take a break from the usual and for her to have her very own trademark product. It is a very unique concept since it is creatively packed and serves as a perfect gift to loved ones and friends.

Red Velvet
Yema Cake

The best thing about these cakes is that they’re very handy, ideal to hand-carry for travels and are very secure. The cakes are packed neatly which is why they don’t smudge on the container.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Cakes in a Can come in four flavors which are; Red Velvet (P580), Yema Cake (P450), Blueberry Cheesecake (P550) and ChocoLoco (P550).

Aside from having distinct products, Mags also doesn’t put preservatives in her products. That is why they only last for 1-2 weeks utmost.

Moreover, SweetCravings by Mags also stands out from the others because of its peaceful, quiet and cozy atmosphere. It has a strategic and accessible location inside the mall and it has an exclusive spot far from noise making it ideal for small meetings and intimate conversations.


What are the current best-sellers? SweetCravings by Mags’ customer favorites include; Cheesy Ensaymada, Banana Loaf (walnut, banana blueberry and banana carrot), Brownies, Choco Banana Caramel cake, ChocoLoco cake (best-seller cake, super moist chocolate cake) and Blueberry Cheesecake.

They currently have six cake flavors on display daily but plan to add more soon.

Aside from the mentioned above, other products of note from this café are the following; Hamonada roll (pre-order required to avail), Cheese sticks, Cookies and Cupcakes.

SweetCravings by Mags also offers drinks such as coffee and juices.


  • Mags Acapulco does all the baking mostly by herself and sometimes with just one assistant.
  • This is their first branch and it is a homegrown business, not a franchise from Manila.
  • The owner’s favorite pastry is chocolate cake. ChocoLoco (moist chocolate cake) is the café’s first product to be released to the market and is the cafe’s current best-seller cake.
  • In her product boxes are words engraved “baked with love” to show customers that everything she produced are a labor of love.


As for their promos, SweetCravings by Mags offers FREE COFFEE for selected cake slices. This allows customers to save on drinks instead of buying them. This started last June and is currently an extended promo due to public demand.

Sometimes, the owner chooses what she calls as “Cake of the Week” and slashes off a huge chunk from its original price like around P100 at most. There are also times when she reduces the price of selected products, P50 less from their original prices.

Sweet Cravings is currently looking for a CAKE DECORATOR, so if you’re interested submit your resumes now!


Ms. Mags Acapulco was born in Agusan del Sur and is the sole proprietor of Sweet Cravings. She studied in Xavier University and took up BS Biology. After graduating, she moved to Davao because her family setup a business there which she was tasked to manage. Mags got married in 1997 and stayed in Davao for 7 years but her husband is from Cagayan de Oro. When her mother died in 2003, she and her husband decided to move back to Cagayan de Oro and so they did in 2004.

She developed her passion for food and talent in cooking by observing her Grandmother cook in the past. In 2010, Mags and her husband started engaging in the food business and put up their very own restaurant called “Mykarelli’s Grill”.

In 2012, she earned her Diploma in Culinary Arts with Holistic Nutrition at the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro. This helped her improve her cooking prowess and knowledge about food.

Although she loved cooking various dishes, Mags later on pursued her first passion which is baking and this is what led her to setup SweetCravings by Mags at SM Cdo Downtown Premier.

On a closing note we asked her, what is your advice to those who aspire to create a food business? She said; “Love what you do and pursue your passion. Always labor with love, be creative and don’t forget to keep up with trends.”

Everybody knows that setting up a business is never easy but based from our interview with the owner; we learned that with enough passion, hard work and determination, anything is possible. If you ever come by SM Premier and looking for a sweet fix, visit SweetCravings by Mags and explore their wide range of pastries available, all there to satisfy your cravings for desserts, pastries and more!


For inquiries, bookings and reservations contact them here:

Facebook Page: SweetCravings by Mags

Contact Number: 0917 327 9000

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