Escape Your Daily Stress – Start on #NationalPampering Day

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I’m one of those people who is oftentimes stressed due to hectic work schedules plus as a blogger, covering events most of the time take up my free time.

Thankfully, I got the chance to get pampered at Nailaholics Spa last week. It was a sweet treat since I don’t usually have time to get pampered but this was finally a break from all the chaos.

It was the opportunity for some much-needed me-time. Upon entering, the staff greeted us politely and lead us to our seats. I tried the Gel Manicure + Hand Spa package and my companion tried the Pedicure + Foot Spa package.

The therapist first gave me a hand spa and it was so soothing, relaxing and I really enjoyed the feel of it.

After that, she started cleaning my hand nails, applied the gel manicure in my selected color. I did it so neatly and carefully that the effect was really nice and I didn’t get any wounds after the procedure.

She was so gentle and very good at her job! My favorite part was the hand massage, it was so good it almost led me to fall asleep! My companion got the same royal treatment but this time, he had a pedicure and foot spa. I can tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying the service.

We compared our nails and we both were very satisfied with the services we availed! Indeed we concluded that every time we needed nail services, Nailaholics Spa at Centrio Mall is the place to go!

Join National Pampering Day on October 17 and Avail of the Services for Only P10

Stress is inevitable. In fact, according to a study conducted by CNN Philippines, things we encounter on a daily basis cause it – bosses, deadlines, schedules, colleagues, and traffic, just to name a few.

But while stress is clearly unavoidable, letting it affect your health isn’t. Remember, your mind and body are inherently linked. When stress starts to feel like it’s taking over your life, you have to try to do something about it before it ultimately wreaks havoc on your body. And while getting rid of all the things that stress you out isn’t easy; taking time out for yourself is.

Before everything gets too overwhelming, make time for some me-time.

“The ultimate way to relieve stress is simply by taking the time to pamper yourself. Set aside a few moments out of the day to be alone with your thoughts as you indulge in a few moments of luxury and relaxation. Even for just a few hours, this takes you away from the worries of work and traffic and deadlines.” explains Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head.

And as #NationalPamperingDay nears, be sure to head over to Nailaholics Ayala Centrio or SM CDO Downtown Premier.

This year, you have the option to choose from a dedicated menu of #NationalPampreringDay services: a manicure, hand spa, hand massage, foot spa or foot massage. You can avail of any of these services for just P10 on October 17 from 10 am and 2 pm – the amount of which will go to Nailaholic’s community partner, the La Verna Aged Care and Dementia Village.

It may seem hard to believe that such a small shift in thinking and habits could make a world of difference for your health and psyche. But give it a try and see just what a little pampering can do for you.

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