Monster Kitchen Academy Celebrates their 27th Graduation Day

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August 26 was an important day for the Monster Kitchen Academy Batch 27 students of Fundamentals in Baking & Pastry Arts and Fundamentals in Culinary Arts for it was their Graduation Day. Finally, the graduates will reap the fruits of their labor and relish the taste of sweet success.

The graduation took place at Cucina Higala last August 26, 2019, at 3 pm. It was attended by the graduating students, their parents, the owners and staff of Monster Kitchen Academy and other VIP guests.

Upon arrival, everyone was requested to register and were served refreshments courtesy of Cucina Higala. The graduates then assembled and it was time for their Professional March.



  • Antigo, Betchie J.
  • Derramas, Genevieve B.
  • Gadiano, Keven P.
  • Jaramillo, Arnibeth T.
  • Mamantuc, Henrica Marie P.
  • Pogay, Wenevie E.


  • Agabon, Daven J.
  • Bersabal, Cresen John S.
  • Bolivar, Gisheil May N.
  • Cabrera, Louis Miguel B.
  • Casals, Ramises M. Jr.
  • Centino, Waldz Osmond A.
  • Chio, Rodney A.
  • Eco, Flaviano V. III
  • Ege, Eugene M.
  • Larida, Thrisleir L.
  • Llagono, Glezyl Mae T.
  • Mangubat, Carlo S.
  • Minoza, Ruel G.
  • Pacudan, Cloie Nicole A.
  • Pelaez, Francis Andrew D.
  • Plaza, Patrick Erwing C.
  • Salas, Celia R.
  • Uga, Edfer Jan Q.
  • Valdehueza, June Clarisse A.


Program Heads 

  • FBPA Chef Dio Raphael V. Ratunil
  • FCA Chef Catherine L. Dano


  • Chef Allen E. Abragan
  • Chef Ramon F. Cardenas
  • Chef Albert T. Chiu
  • Chef Helene S. Mabao
  • Chef Camille L. Montesines
  • Chef Khoki Y. Saavedra


  • Chef Dara V. Abanil
  • Chef Elvie J. Cruz
  • Chef Zyril Paul L. Daoang
  • Chef Hasanah S. Macapaar

After the Professional March, the Program officially started with an Invocation.

The event host, Ms. Vahjna Babia-Flores then introduced Mr. Flor Angelo B. Quinito (Monster Kitchen Academy Chief Operating Officer) to deliver his Welcome Address and some Acknowledgements. He welcomed the graduates, their parents and all the guests to the graduation.

Mr. Quinito also expressed his thanks to them for choosing Monster Kitchen Academy. Finally, he left a special message to the graduates which was; “Never stop learning and exploring. Always continue to grow.”

After this welcoming message, it was time to introduce the Keynote Speaker and this was done by Chef Catherine L. Dano (FCA Program Head).

According to Chef Cathy, the keynote speaker is a Gold Awardee of the Monster Kitchen FCA Batch 7, she also learned more of her culinary skills from ISCAHM in Manila. Also a graduate in San Carlos Cebu, she also used to work at Xavier Estates and Limketkai Luxe Hotel. Ms. Xyza Teves now put up her own business called “Chef Centrale” located at the 19th Street of Nazareth in Cagayan de Oro.

When the introduction was done, the Keynote Speaker, Ms. Xyza Teves was called on stage to deliver her speech. Ms. Teves always loved to cook as a child, it was her favorite hobby. In the long run, her passion for cooking grew that’s why she decided to pursue a career in the culinary field. So she took up her education in San Carlos Cebu, a course non-related to her passion but soon she started acquiring skills in the culinary arts when she enrolled to Monster Kitchen Academy in CDO and in ISCAHM Manila. She graduated with flying colors and the rest is history. She is now happily managing her own food business, Chef Centrale where she personally prepares the dishes being served to her customers.

Some memorable quotes from her speech:

  • Pursue your passion and do not be derailed by the opinions of others.
  • Be patient and be determined despite failures.
  • Never sacrifice quality.
  • Be honest in your transactions and know your limits.

Her parting words were expressing her thanks to Monster Kitchen Academy for equipping her with the necessary culinary skills she needed to succeed in the culinary industry.

After her keynote speech, she was given a trophy and special token courtesy of Monster Kitchen Academy.

What happened next was the Graduation Ceremony and Awarding. It was now time for the Giving of Certificates of Completion Toques, Wilton Certificates, Market Basket Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and the Distinction Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold).


Wenevie E.Pogay (FBPA 37) – She first learned cooking from her Mother-In-Law. Since her husband and kids are food lovers, she started to experiment with her cooking and tried different combinations in her dishes. Wenevie also has her own online store and is a Silver Director of USANA. Indeed she is a superwoman and a multi-tasker, truly an inspiration. She said that what kept her going are two things; Mindset and Willpower.

In terms of mindset, one should always align the mind with one’s goals. When we talk about willpower, it is the determination to do something and succeed in it. These two things to her are her ingredients to success that students must emulate. She also broadened her knowledge in cooking not only by enrolling to Monster Kitchen Academy but by also keeping up with trends and reading updated information online.

Celia R. Salas (FCA 28) – She is a 45-year old Costa Rican by birth, a nutritionist and lover of crafts.

Her special message to the graduates is to never stop learning and growing. Expand your horizons and never stay in the same place in order to succeed.


Chef Dio Raphael V. Ratunil (FBPA) – He emphasized that whatever one must do, it must come from within. Everyone must have a passion for what he or she is doing but passion should also come with a purpose. Chef Dio further reiterated that some people view being a chef as a glamorous job. However, being one requires several years of learning and hard work.

Furthermore, he also emphasized the important role chefs play in peoples’ lives. According to him; “It’s the kind of food we make that make celebrations worth celebrating.” Lastly, he also shared what makes one a good chef and that is being able to know when to step up and raise one’s standards in cooking.

Chef Catherine L. Dano (FCA) – Chef Cathy opened her speech by saying that the graduates must find their passion and purpose. It is passion that fuels one day and integrity that defines an individual. Talent is nothing without fulfilling the duty of doing what is right. She also stressed that in order to make it in the industry, one must focus on creating good food first and then the cash will follow. It’s because some have false expectations in the food industry as a quick money-making scheme which is not the case.

Moreover, Chef Cathy also said that the graduates must also be themselves and not give in to peer pressure. The industry can be tough but it’s okay to commit mistakes, what is important is learning from them and having to will to begin again. There is no elevator to success, they must take the stairs. Nothing is handed to anyone, they should make things happen. Lastly, she encouraged the graduates to think big because they will become what they think about.


Anna Marie J. Medes (Business Unit Head) – Ms. Anna said that this day is the day to be happy and rejoice because finally, the graduates made it!

She told the graduates what they should always keep in mind; “Home is where your culinary heart is and that is at Monster Kitchen Academy!”


Monster Kitchen’s Mascot “M” made a special appearance and a fun dance number which entertained everyone.


It was time for a photo opportunity to ensure that memories are made on this very special day.


After the program, everybody was treated to a sumptuous dinner spread courtesy of Cucina Higala and Monster Kitchen Academy.

Congratulations to the graduates, soar high and we hope you all make it big in the food industry!






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