Jollibee Introduces their New Amazing Products to Cool You Off this Season!

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Jollibee has new offerings that will surely make your time at home interesting! These products are the Iced Coffee with Coffee Jelly, Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls, Mango Graham Sundae Twirl, and Amazing Aloha Yumburger.

Enjoy these new refreshments without going out. The new Jollibee Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls is also available at P75 Solo, Iced Coffee with Coffee Jelly at P59 Solo, and Mango Graham Sundae Twirl for only P40.

Coffee Jelly, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Mango Graham Sundae

What are our thoughts about these new products? First of all, the Iced Coffee with Coffee Jelly is like drinking frozen hot chocolate and coffee in one. The coffee jelly added to unique composition and taste. It’s the perfect pair for your afternoon snack or pastries.

We had an easy and safe experience when I had this delivered via the Jollibee Delivery website ( earlier. Their riders also follow strict social distancing protocols when they deliver! Enjoy this refreshing drink in the safety and comforts of your home by also ordering via the Jollibee hotline #87000 or through GrabFood and FoodPanda.

As for the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls, we were amazed by its taste. It’s like the authentic Japanese milk tea you get from other well-known milk tea shops and it tastes really good! It’s very refreshing and we totally enjoyed the pearls that came with it, made it more exciting to drink. It wasn’t too sweet, the taste was just right for our preference.

Enjoy this refreshing drink too in the safety and comforts of your home by ordering via Jollibee Delivery Website ( or through the Jollibee hotline #87000, GrabFood, and FoodPanda.

Here’s our new favorite dessert, the Mango Graham Sundae Twirl! It’s like a unique twist to the famous mango float, only that it uses ice cream instead of other ingredients. What we love most about it is that it was overloaded with mangoes which is one of our favorite fruits, it’s very creamy and the crushed graham added that extra punch for this product.

Last but not least is the Amazing Aloha Yumburger! This one’s making a grand comeback! I remember when I was young, my mom used to buy me this only during special occasions like during graduations or when I had great achievements, now I can actually celebrate every day with the Aloha! How cool is that?

Actually, anything with pineapple on it like pizzas and burgers for example is heaven for us. It removes the boredom out of ordinary dishes. Now the Aloha is something that’s really extraordinary since it has a whole pineapple slice inside the burger plus huge bacon bits and gooey cheese sandwiched in between which makes it the perfect burger for people with huge appetites like us!

Overall, we totally enjoyed these new Jollibee releases and will definitely keep ordering them via Jollibee Delivery or purchase thru Drive-Thru. More to come!


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