Apple Tree Resort’s Endless Summer Beach Festival: Fun-filled Weekend with Non-stop Action and Partying

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What a weekend that was! Apple Tree resort’s Endless Summer beach festival just concluded and people are still raving about it.


Overall, it was a success and we were able to witness the events as they unfolded from Day 1 to 2 and here’s the complete summary of everything that went on.

DAY 1: Saturday

The day kicked off with a Volleyball Competition and the players surely got their load of action judging by their strokes that are full of power and enthusiasm.

Simultaneously going on at the early part of the day was the Sports Action workshop headed by Apple Tree’s very own great lens man, Clement Dampal and Canon’s Ambassador plus multi-awarded photographer, Jijo de Guzman.


Clement talked about how to shoot skim boarding and taught the participants some techniques then showed them some of his pictures taken with this sport.


After that, it was Jijo’s turn to discuss how to do Sports Action photography, he discussed some techniques and showed the audience some of his works. He also taught them how to maximize their camera functions by showing them which settings to use.


Later on, he also discussed about memory cards and which ones are ideal to use for their cameras. Several questions soon followed suit from the group and when it was all done a picture-taking session took place then the loot bags for the first 30 participants were given. Lunch then ensued at the pavilion and as soon as everybody got stuffed, it was time to apply what they learned by taking some good photos of any of the activities at the event to serve as their entries to the Photography Contest.


After the workshop, Shore Breaks 3: Skim boarding Competition started in the afternoon. Kids and adults showed off their tricks until sunset by playing with the waves they created using their boards.


The competition was action-packed as some were really able to rock their skimboarding moves to the delight of the crowd. This gave the photography contest participants really incredible shots.


At around 4 pm, Zumbathon by the Bay: A Zumba Dance Marathon Competition was the next activity to watch out for.


People started to congregate beside the pavilion and participants for the Zumbathon started to dance with the 3 Zumba Zins leading the pack!


The contestants danced for 3 hours and the top 3 winners received Apple Tree overnight stays plus exciting freebies.

When the night came, guests felt relaxed listening to Rasta tunes during “Reggae Night”. It really set up the mood for the weekend.

DAY 2: Sunday

The morning started with the Beach Volley Competition’s Final Round. This determined the winners for this activity. The photography competition continued as the participants maximized the day taking awesome shots before submission.


The Shore Breaks 3: Final Round then followed suit to find the ultimate skimboard champion!


Finally it was time to award the winners for the Photography and Shore Breaks 3 competitions. Congratulations to the winners!




When evening came, the Beach, Pool and Foam Party started. It was the perfect finale to this awesome 2-day event at Apple Tree.

DJ Rainman, Kitty G, Kyle Banaag and RB Banaag worked their way providing upbeat tunes to the dancing crowd.




People started coming in and they really had fun especially when the foam was released.



Guests were treated to Tanduay drinks and incredible beats provided by the DJ’s and they partied on till dawn.



Overall, it was an amazing night and you can see the smile on peoples’ faces showing their satisfaction and the joy they felt attending the event.

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