To Infinity and Beyond Adventure with Miniso x Toy Story

Sheriff Woody, Andy’s favorite pull-up cowboy doll and the leader of the group. . . Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger. . .  Bo Peep, the porcelain doll . . . Hamm, the piggy bank . . . Forky, the recycled fork toy. These are among the well-loved living toys from Pixar-Disney’s iconic Toy Story that kids of all ages can now find in the Miniso X Toy Story collection.

Relive the infinity and beyond fun with Woody and the gang in Miniso x Toy Story Blind Box Collection.

The Miniso X Toy Story Collection brings together the Japanese lifestyle retailer for the young and the nostalgic Talking toys from Disney-Pixar in a fun collaboration for the new generation.

Cuddly Alien Plushie

The 1995 iconic movie “Toy Story” was the first Pixar-Disney collaboration on a feature-length computer-animated film that made childhood classics toys come to life like Mr. Potato Head, Etch-A-Sketch, and toy soldiers on the big screen.

Carry this little zip coin purse from Miniso x Disney- Pixar Toy Story.

The Miniso X Toy Story collection features fashionable yet functional creatively cool items.  These include gadget accessories such as mouse pads and earphones; accessories such as bucket hats and caps; sling and tote bags; coin purses, keychains, and other novelty pieces.

Collect these Disney Pixar Toy Story Shopping bag.


Jot down the important notes with these Toy Story Notebooks with bookmarks.

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