The City’s Best Tablea Cake by Eva’s Corner is Now Open!

More and more people are loving Tablea Cake these days and you can find the best one in the city at Eva’s Corner at the Ground Level of Angel Building, Our Story Boutique Hotel.

Perhaps the reason why a lot of people are hooked on it is that the tablea lends a deeper chocolate flavor, with some toasty, nutty, earthy hints to an otherwise ordinary chocolate cake.

Tablea Cake by Eva’s Corner has officially opened its doors to the public yesterday, November 22, 2022. The event was graced by plenty of special guests including public officials, bloggers, hotel executives, business owners, their families, and close friends.


This quaint cafe and pastry shop has a unique design and is very cozy. When you look from the outside, it will immediately catch your eye when you pass by.

Upon entering, you will be impressed by the decor and interiors, most especially with the Tablea Cake tubs displayed on the counter.

As of the moment, the Tablea Cake by Eva’s Corner comes in tubs sold at P395 per tub but soon, but Ms. Eva will be able to cater bigger and whole Tablea Cake orders soon.


The guests were able to sample the Tablea Cakes and products at the cafe. Truly, this is a new spot for dessert and coffee lovers alike. Visit them to try their best-selling Tablea Cake while you enjoy a Parisian vibe while you are there.

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