Slices of Summer at the SM Store

Bring stylish slices of summer to your wardrobe with fashionable pieces from The SM Store.

Light and breezy Tiered Dress from the SM Woman’s Department.

Swing into summer with cool and breezy tiered dresses in pastel shades from SM Woman., and complete your look with a Zarah Sling Bag from Parisian Woman, as well as slip-ons from Parisian Woman and Solemate.

Step into summer and walk with ease with Cierra Sandals from Kicks made with rubber outsoles and a secure velcro closure.

Or take the fun and fitness route with sporty Hem Band Tees and Jogger Pants from SM Woman’s Active Department. While working out, keep healthy and hydrated with lots of water from an AXCS Double Walled Insulated Tumbler from SM Woman’s Accessories.

Sprint Peak Sneakers from the SM Men’s Shoes Department.

Guys, on the other hand, can explore the city streets with cycling gear from Bo Athletics. There are jackets, tees, shorts, and leggings at the Men’s Wear Department, as well as bike helmets and round digital watches

Explore the city streets safely on two wheels with this Bike Helmet like this from The SM Store’s Accessories.

Fun footwear can also add a lot of zest to one’s summer wardrobe – Sprint’s TinoPeak and Jarvis Slip-ons, Milanos’ Farley Sandals, and World Balance’s Intrinsic Sneakers from SM Men’s Shoes Department.

Kids can stay hydrated and fashionable with these cool and chic reusable Tumblers with cute animal design and matching lids with straws from the SM Kids Accessories Department at The SM Store.

And since kids can now enjoy summer outdoor activities, they can be fashionable too, enjoy the sun and have fun while beating the heat waves with cool and chic reusable Animal Tumblers with cute animal designs and matching lids with straw covers.   Comfy and stylish shoes, slip-ons, and sneakers from Sugar Kids and Tough Kids are also great for kids on the go. These are all available at The SM Store’s Kids Department.

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