Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at New Dawn Hotel Plus

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Whenever you come to visit a place, your number one consideration is where to stay. If you plan on visiting Cagayan de Oro, you should book a stay at New Dawn Hotel Plus.

This hotel is located right in the middle of Cdo’s urban jungle, it is situated at Don Apolinar Velez Street in Cagayan de Oro. It is very accessible and convenient since it is in one of the busiest streets of the city.

We were able to stay at the hotel ourselves and we were very happy with our experience. That is why we want to share our Top 5 Reasons Why we love New Dawn Hotel Plus and why you should stay there too.

Strategic Location 

The hotel is located in an area where it is close to everything a traveler could ever need. New Dawn Hotel is near plenty of restaurants, malls, nightlife spots, convenience stores, offices, banks, hospitals, fitness gyms and many more. If you need to get to a key spot in the city, it is just a few steps away or a short ride away from the hotel.


Being close to everything saves you a lot on transportation costs. It is very convenient as well because you don’t need to go very far just to explore major areas in the city.

Modern and Innovative Design

When you look at the hotel from afar or even as you enter, you will gasp in awe with its modernistic design.

Every corner, every spot at the hotel has a unique and attractive design which is very much in the “now” and would appeal to the new generation especially to the millennials.

It is very instagrammable as well since several areas in the hotel look good as backdrops for your next social media post. You can’t help but take pictures when you stay there.

Exciting Hotel Features 

There are plenty of hotel features that excited us at New Dawn Hotel Plus. One of which is their rooftop bar called “Topview Restobar at New Dawn Hotel Plus”. This has to be one of our favorites in the hotel because it gives a magnificent view of the city, especially in the evening.

The city lights and the cold breeze makes for a relaxing moment every time we were there.

Food and drinks are also readily available at the rooftop bar so you can never go hungry while you are there.

Topview Restobar is also a great event venue for gatherings such as birthdays, debuts, wedding anniversaries, company parties and business meetings.

Other hotel features that we loved at New Dawn Hotel Plus are their Fitness Gym, Indoor Spa and their very own Kuya J Restaurant.

Excellent Facilities

With regard to facilities, everything is great at New Dawn Hotel Plus. They have their very own parking space, restaurant, spa, 24-hour security, incredible rooms, spacious lobby, bar and many more.

Fitness Gym
Indoor Spa

All these facilities contribute to making one’s hotel stay unforgettable and comfortable.

Good Value for Money

You get what you pay for at New Dawn Hotel Plus and even more. The room rates are very affordable and you will be amazed at how much you can get with what you paid for.

Truly, New Dawn Hotel Plus gives good value for money because they surprise you and give more than you expect.

These are the best reasons why we highly recommend New Dawn Hotel Plus, try it for yourself and prove this review right. So whenever you come to Cagayan de Oro, you already know where to go.

Contact Information

For inquiries, reservations, and more information about New Dawn Hotel Plus, you may reach them on the following contact information below:



Contact Number: (088) 850 1888

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New Dawn Hotel Plus

Topview Restobar at Newdawn Hotel Plus

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