Endless Summer 2019: Apple Tree Resort & Hotel’s Ultimate Beach Festival is Bigger, Bolder and Better This Year and Was a Staggering Success!

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Endless Summer Beach Festival by Apple Tree Resort & Hotel is an annual beach party that every Kagay-anon looks forward to every summer. It is a 3-day event jam-packed with lots of activities and competitions which make it incredibly unique and memorable.

The main highlights of Endless Summer are the following; Skim Boarding Clinic, Skim Boarding Competition, Open Beach Volley Tournament, Photography Competition, Zumbathon by the Bay Competition, Reggae Night and many more!

Let’s take a look back on what transpired during the momentous event:


On the first day of the Endless Summer Beach Festival, there was an opening ceremony to kickstart the event. It was composed of an Opening Remarks delivered by LGU-Opol Tourism Officer Mr. Kim Lazo and an inspirational message by Apple Tree’s General Manager, Ms. Bjanesha Emphasis.

An oath-taking of sportsmanship then followed which was done by the participants of all the competitions.

Now it was time to start with the day’s activities and the first one that happened was the Skim Boarding Clinic. It is a workshop for those interested to do skimboarding or aspiring skimboarders and professional skimboarders are the ones teaching in this activity.

When this was done, the Beach Volley Competition followed. At this point, the participants competed against each other together with their respective teams.

Every hit and smash of the volleyball was incredible to look at, it was non-stop action and complete eye candy for the onlookers and photographers.

In the afternoon, Shore Breaks 5: Kids Category (Elimination Round), Skimboarding Clinic and Shore Breaks 5: Beginners & Wahine (Elimination Round) took place. It was the kids, beginners and wahine category of skimboarders time to show us what they got.

You can just see how passionate they are in this craft and will be amazed by their skimboarding prowess. They impressed us with their moves, techniques and showed us the art of balancing on the skim board. It was indeed a beautiful sight.

The finale of Endless Summer Day One took place in the evening which was “Acoustic Night” with Reggae Vibe serenading the audience. It gave that relaxing feel to those who stayed and listened to their cool tunes plus the sea breeze blowing, it was indeed a great end to a long day. The audience was also given a chance to participate since an “Open Mic” then took place, so anybody who wanted to sing along can request their favorite song and they can perform live and be accompanied by the band.


The second day of the Endless Summer Beach festival began with a Coastal Clean-Up which was done by the Apple Tree team & management plus the police officers of Opol.

The main purpose was to ensure the cleanliness of the seashore and the resort’s surroundings and to help in spreading awareness of taking care of our coastal resources and protection of the environment.

When this was done, the Quarter Final Round of the Beach Volley Competition took place. The tension was building up for the winners of this part of the competition will be the ones to proceed to the Final Round.

For photography enthusiasts, a Photography Workshop and Seminar was conducted by Mr. Clement Dampal (for the Photography Topic) in the morning. Those who joined this workshop will then be able to apply what they learned through a Photography Competition. Their entries will be taken from any of the days of the Endless Summer Beach Festival for the theme of the competition is the “Endless Summer Experience“.

The second half of the morning was composed of Shore Breaks 5: Kids Category (Final Round) and Shore Breaks 5: Beginner and Wahine Category (Final Round).

In the afternoon, it was time for the Second Session of the Photography Workshop and Seminar. The topic was “Aerial Photography” whose speaker was Mr. Dan Albert Pacquiao ofProject Lupad“. It was a very interesting topic for everybody because the use of drones in photography is currently in demand on the market and a lot of people would really like to learn how it’s done including me. ­čÖé

After the workshop, an Oath of Sportsmanship for Shore Breaks 5: Masters and Advance Category took place and the Elimination Round for each of these categories happened next.

Later in the afternoon saw the start of the Zumbathon Event and Zumba enthusiasts from around Opol and surrounding areas flocked together at the venue and showed off their energetic dance moves to the delight of the onlookers.

Some people from the crowd got so pumped just by watching the Zumba dances that some even decided to join in and worked up a sweat! It was totally fun! Who knew burning calories could feel this good?

The night came and this is the part that everybody who attended “Endless Summer Beach Festival” has been waiting for. The search for the “Ultimate Summer Beach Bod” and the “Exclusive Beach, Pool and Foam Party” is up next!

First one up was the search for the “Ultimate Summer Beach Bod” competition and sexy ladies and masculine men fight for their right to claim the title as to who possesses the best summer body of the night!

The pageant was composed of a series of appearances that showcased various outfits and poses by the candidates. Since every candidate looked perfect, the judges seemed to have a hard time deciding on the winners.

Here are the ones who ended up victorious in the competition:

Ricky Amper – Mr. Summer Bod
Fretzie Mae Atis – Ms. Summer Bod
Alexis Ruelan – Mr. Photogenic by Clement Dampal Photography
Nicole Tanael – Ms. Photogenic by Clement Dampal Photography
Edgar Ebonia – People’s Choice Award
Rufa Ya├▒ez – People’s Choice Award
Dejay Tan – Mr. Apple tree
Fretzie Mae Atis – Ms. Apple Tree
Dejay Tan – Mr. SimNSam
Nhecolle Angela Vine – Ms. SimNSam

After the announcement of winners of the “Ultimate Summer Beach Bod” competition, everybody made their way to the pool for the Foam Party! Cheers from the crowd were heard when the foam was released and drove them to dance while gathering foam on their bodies.


A few moments later, DJ’s Kitty G, Lady J, and Alyanna played some awesome tunes that drove the crowd wild. There were even some who lined up in front and did some synchronized dance moves which were a joy to look at! The party lasted until 3 am and overall it was epic!


On the last and final day of the Endless Summer Beach Festival, a Coastal Clean-Up was done to ensure cleanliness in the area once again. After that, the Final Round for the Beach Volley Competition took place.

This is also the 2nd day of the Photography Competition and the day of the submission of entries as well. At noon, the Final Round for Shore Breaks 5: Advance and Masters Category then took place to determine the winners for this competition.

In the afternoon, a Fashion Show by Daddy Gabby and the CDOTC MTC Gold Edition Models took place. It was a grand showcase of grace, posture and beautiful attires by the models.

Image | Angelo Rodriguez Jr.
Image | Angelo Rodriguez Jr.
Image | Angelo Rodriguez Jr.
Image | Angelo Rodriguez Jr.

The last part of the event was the Awarding Ceremony where the winners were announced and they received their prizes.

The awards were given by Ms. Bjanesha Emphasis (General Manager of Apple Tree Resort and Hotel), Ms. Norgelyn Bihag (Area Manager Primer Group of Companies), Kin Kin Ebonia, Mr. Rey Vitor, Mr. Clement Dampal (Marketing Officer of Apple Tree), Ms. Daphne Maape (Front Desk Manager of Apple Tree and Mr. Gabby Bacarro (CDOTC MTC Head Coordinator).

Here is the List of Winners for each of the Competitions:


Top 3 Mobile:

Top 1- Alvin Curay
Top 2- Liemuel Pantuhan
Top 3- Joan Sheng

Top 10 Conventional:

10- Bimbo Baldomero
9- Liemuel Pantuhan
8- Jon Vill Quirog
7- Angel Estera
6- Carlo James Magparoc
5- Darryl Lennon
4- Kenneth Chua
3- Pearly Cabudoy
2- Angelo Rodriguez Jr
1- Lowell Labis


Zumbathon Champion – Lou Maceda
1st – Rassel Sumile
2nd – Vicky Muego



  1. Britanny Antiquina
  2. Elizardo Alvarado
  3. Marvin Villanueva


  1. Robert John Tayros
  2. Freygene May Apag


  1. Jenry Rose Bacayana
  2. Gabriel Angel Saquilabon
  3. Francheska Ann Tayros


  1. Noel T. Waper
  2. Erica N. Sanopao



Champion – Crismar Lariosa

1st Place: RJ Edrozo

2nd Place: TIE (Johnle Obsioma and Dingdong Lagmay)


Champion – Cheto Gentillan

1st Place: Lester Rasol

2nd Place: Gerry Sacoram


Champion -Darrell Cabasagan

1st Place – Angelo Ebonia

2nd Place – Eljon Obsioma


Champion – Joy Aleman

1st Place: Kharunisia Faeldin

2nd Place: Shyra Grace Salindo


Champion – Giller Quitat

1st Place: Daniel James Villasan

2nd Place: Nikolayve Faelsdin


Smallest and Energetic Skimboarder: Sanimar Alvia JR. “Waku”

A Live Acoustic Band then played some live entertainment to the enjoyment of everybody and this served as the end of the Endless Summer Beach Festival 2019.


Summer is indeed Endless at Apple Tree Resort & Hotel! The 3-day event is a nice memory to leave as a footprint of the summer that was.

Everybody had their dose of sand, sea, sky, excitement, enjoyment and moments of pleasure! Overall it was a successful event kudos to the Apple Tree Owners and management. Til next year!

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