Apple Tree Resort & Hotel Tree Lighting 2017: An Extraordinary Christmas Event with a Cause

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Last December 1, 2017 was a memorable day for Apple Tree Resort & Hotel since it was their “Christmas Tree Lighting” event. The dress code was “black” which was different from the norm as Christmas colors have always been red and green.

But it wasn’t just the dress code which made the event extraordinary, the main highlight was the Christmas Tree to be lighted since the concept this year is known as “Symbols“.

This year’s Christmas Tree utilized 90% of indigenous materials, locally sourced from Camaman-an for the twigs and the handwoven mats were made up of waterlilies coming from the Municipality of Alubijid. It is highly symbolic since it is composed of eight layers with 8 being the number for infinity. The body was covered up with Dream-catchers which is the symbol of protection. The prominent colors on the tree are; green- for life, red for love and gold- for wealth which made it extra special.

Program Proper

The event was hosted by the resort’s Marketing ManagerClement Dampal and one of the hotel staffs.

It started with the hosts delivering some opening remarks and then the resort’s General Manager, Ms. Bjanesha Manigsaca Emphasis was then called on stage to deliver some welcoming and opening remarks.

The Christmas tree was then revealed to the guests and lighted up. After that, a group of Apple Tree Personnel performed a dance number to entertain the crowd.

When it was over, the children from the event’s beneficiary performed a song and dance number which delighted the audience. This performance really brought a smile to the attendees’ faces.


What took place next was a picture-taking ceremony wherein all the VIP guests, media and bloggers got the chance to have a photo taken with Apple Tree Resort and Hotel’s General Manager and staff.

After the picture-taking, the guests were then treated to a sumptuous dinner especially prepared by Apple Tree. It was indeed a fun and glorious night. Everyone went home happy and satisfied.


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