Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Appreciation Night with Gatsby-themed Party

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The first day of February was a Special day for Apple Tree Resort and Hotel since it was their 10th Anniversary and Appreciation’s Night. It was a night full of glamour, sumptuous food, exciting performances and surprises. The attendees wore their impressive attires following the event’s “Great Gatsby” or 1920’s theme.

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel has indeed come a long way building 10 years of excellence in terms of facilities and customer service. Let’s have a recap of what happened during that eventful night.

Before the program started, the guests were greeted by usherettes and were able to have pictures taken at the photo wall, upon entering the Sidlakan Ballroom; they were entertained by jazz music done by a female artist.


When all the guests were settled in, an Opening Dance number took place on stage and entertained the guests.

After that, the event host Ms. Angela welcomed the guests and delivered her opening remarks. The dancers went back on stage to perform another number.

At this time, it was time for the guests to have dinner. The feast prepared by Apple Tree was an impressive spread containing some fine dining pieces such as pork steak with mushroom sauce, grilled salmon, Greek salad, cheese platters, warm brownie ala mode and an unlimited supply of drinks and cocktails.

During dinner, the guests were entertained with keyboard music and raffle draw also followed wherein the winners won day passes and overnight stays at Apple Tree.

When this was done, it was time for the Awarding of Apple Tree’s Top Clients. The awardees were called up on stage to receive their trophies/certificates.

After the awarding, Ms. Angela presented to the crowd how far Apple Tree has come by playing an AVP video of how the resort and hotel was through the years. It showed how the resort and hotel looked like in the past, their old uniforms and their past events which were indeed unforgettable memories.

The celebration would not be complete without hearing some inspiring words from the resort and hotel’s General Manager, Ms. Bjanesha Manigsaca-Emphasis.

She shared to the crowd how happy she was at how far they have come and also told how heart-warming it was to reminisce everything they went through before becoming what they are today.

When her speech was over, the host returned to the stage and surprised the crowd with something will happen first only at Apple Tree Resort & Hotel. It was the “Wine Parade”, suddenly the waiters were called in, each of them looked smart and dapper in their outfits. They walked in carrying trays of wine and did a good march. After the number, they placed the wine glasses on the tables to prepare the guests for a wine toast in celebration of the anniversary.

A wine toast then took place and confetti fell all over the place and was such an astounding sight to look at. After the toast, another dance number took place to keep the guests entertained.

It was now time to hear a speech from the event’s keynote speaker, Mr. Jhules Baril (President of Kagayan Travel & Tours).

He gave the guests a walk-through of the improvements of Apple Tree through the 10 years. Mr. Baril also cracked some jokes which made the guests laugh. Overall, it was a very inspiring and entertaining speech which everybody would remember that night. When his speech was over, a Video Presentation of the event was played which was followed by a closing remarks and closing dance number. The last set of music was played on the background by the singer to which everybody was allowed to dance along and this marked the end of the program.

Everybody went on stage to have photos taken and parted ways with a smile. Congratulations Apple Tree Resort & Hotel! We wish you more success in the upcoming years!


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