Sweet House Pastry School is Now Bigger, Better and Has Moved to a Brand-New Location!

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Nowadays, more and more people are entering the baking industry because it has proven to be a lucrative one. Desserts and sweets are not only there to satisfy one’s cravings on a daily, but they also exist to make celebrations and various occasions more memorable and enjoyable.

That is why if you’re an aspiring¬†baker but don’t know where to acquire those baking skills, Sweet House Pastry School is the right venue for you! They’ve just moved to a new location last September 28, 2018, at Tomas Saco 15, Nazareth St., Cagayan de Oro City.

Program Proper

The Grand Opening started with a ribbon-cutting ceremony done by Mayor Oscar Moreno, Councilor Jay Roa Pascual, Councilor Daba, Ms. Mich Uapal and Mr. Sam Uapal.

After that, a band played and coins/candies were thrown to the guests.

Everybody was then given a tour to the entire place, then they were all treated to a delicious buffet of mouth-watering dishes.


The guests were also treated to a heavenly spread of desserts like cakes, macaroons, etc. which they can all indulge in.

A picture-taking session took place which signaled the end of the event.

About the Owners

The pastry school is owned by Mr. Sammy Uapal, his wife Ms. Mich Roa Abogado Uapal, her sibling and a doctor friend. However, the pastry supplies shop is owned by Mich alone.

When asked how the business came about, Mich said it wasn’t her plan to enter the baking industry at first since she was an OR nurse by profession. But after giving birth to her second child and planning to become a full-time housewife, it suddenly dawned on her that she wanted to keep herself busy with other things. Because of this, her husband, Sam encouraged her to get into the baking business.

Mich followed her husband’s suggestion and took up baking classes at Monster Kitchen, some pastry schools in Manila and abroad. Once she acquired all the necessary skills, she teamed up with her husband, her sibling and her doctor friend and officially opened “Sweet House Pastry School” last 2014 at Tiano Borja.

After a few years, Mich and her business partners decided to move to a new and better location so they reopened at Nazareth. Sweet House Pastry School offers various types of classes; Professional Classes (3-month course held every Mon-Tues-Wed), Sunday classes for moms or working moms and Saturday Lifestyle Classes (one-day classes). The school is also linked to TESDA so they offer scholarships as well.

What they Offer

At the moment, Sweet House Pastry School has 5 chef instructors (homegrown chefs) plus visiting chefs from Cebu and Manila handling her baking classes.

What makes Sweet House Pastry School better than the others is that they offer personalized or hands-on training for their enrollees and they are concerned about their students’ after sales as well after they graduate. They constantly follow up on them to check their progress, whether they’ve earned or not.

When asked what are the qualities of a good baker, Mich said that they are; “Patience, perseverance, courage, love, and passion. Baking requires a lot of passion because if you love what you’re doing, it will reflect on your output.

Her message to Kagay-anons who want to get into the baking industry is: “Dream big. Sweet House will help you achieve those dreams.

Operating Hours and Contact Information

Sweet House Pastry School is open daily from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

For more information, you may reach them through the following:

Facebook: Sweet House Pastry School


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