Monster Kitchen Academy Formally Welcomed their New Batch of Graduates on their 25th Graduation Ceremony over the Weekend

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Graduation Day, it’s that special day where one celebrates victory over an accomplishment whether it is on the academic field or after successfully acquiring a new skill through a specialized training course.

It’s not only the students that are happy at this moment for receiving the reward for their hard work. The chef mentors and their proud parents share their pride as well. It’s because not only did the mentors provide the much needed training and lessons to the students, but the parents also gave their children the support they needed in pursuing their passion or career preference.

Last January 21, 2018 (Sunday) – Monster Kitchen Academy welcomed their newest batch of graduates on their 25th Graduation Ceremony which was held at Limketkai Luxe Hotel and hosted by Ms. Vahjna Babia. These students are graduates of the “Fundamentals in Baking & Pastry Arts” and “Fundamentals in Culinary Arts”.

The event was covered by top bloggers in the city such as; Cdo DEV, The Explorer’s Channel and Acadeo.

Program Proper

The event started with the professional march of the graduates, the invocation and national anthem and a welcome address from one of the owners of Monster Kitchen Academy, Ms. Maggie Uy. She congratulated the students and told them how proud she is of them.

After her speech, she then introduced the Keynote Speaker for the Monster Kitchen 25th Graduation Ceremony; she is no other than one of Bigby’s Group of Companies restaurant chain owners, Ms. Joanna Cris L. Yu. She then went on stage and delivered her keynote message to the graduates.

Keynote Speaker: Ms. Joana Cris L. Yu

Her speech was a very inspirational and thought-provoking one since she shared her experiences when she was just starting out in the industry, the challenges she had to deal with before she could pursue her passion since her parents did not support her love for culinary arts. She revealed that before she could take up a course she could use in the food industry, she had first taken a Business course at Ateneo de Manila since it was what her parents wanted her to do. After she graduated from it, she then took up Culinary Arts and other food-related courses in Italy and other countries in the pursuit of her passion.

She admitted, being in the food industry is no easy task. Students must be ready for the long hours and the many patience-testing moments they’re about to face. Joanna revealed that all of these were part of the package and come with the job but nothing could ever be so fulfilling after overcoming all these obstacles. In addition, she also shared her experiences in building and developing her food businesses including Boy Zugba, Missy Bon Bon, The Nest, Giuseppe, Maison de Bon Bon and Bigby’s Café.

Overall, she said she never regretted her decision for a big reward comes after all the hard work, which is satisfaction and achieving success through all the combined efforts between her and her business partners including her husband Mr. Henrik Yu. Many lessons can be learned from her speech and I’m sure, the students were inspired to copy her good example in the food industry.

After the keynote address by Ms. Joanna Cris Yu, it was time for the Presentation of Tokens and Plaques of Appreciation which was done by Chef Cathy Dano, Chef Dio and company.

When it was done, the official Graduation Ceremony began and this was where the students received their Completion Toques and Certificates of Participation.

After the graduates received their toques and participation certificates, it was time for one of Monster Kitchen’s graduates, Mr. Alme Paulo Tineza to share his Message to the Graduates. He shared why a career in the food industry is something worth pursuing and he also shared his experiences which delighted and inspired the students. Alme even left an inspirational quote which left a mark on the graduates’ hearts and minds.

When it was over, dinner was served to everybody including the graduates, their families, the guests and the Monster Kitchen Academy family. An Awarding Ceremony for Market Basket Awards and Distinction Awards then ensued after dinner. Each batch had a Bronze, Silver and Gold Awardee. Each awardee gets to go up on stage, receive the award and have their pictures taken with their family members and loved ones.

Another highlight of the event followed after the awarding and this was the Inspirational Message delivered by TESDA Director, Mr. Leo Velez.

Mr. Leo Velez – TESDA Director

He urged the graduates that Graduation Day isn’t the end of the journey, it’s only the beginning of the career and that the learning never ends in this industry. He told the graduates that they must continue to upgrade themselves, keep up with trends, be innovative and constantly evolve to maintain their presence in this competitive industry. After the closing remarks, some encouraging words from some of Monster Kitchen’s past graduates flashed on the Screen.

Chef Cathy Dano – One of the Owners of Monster Kitchen Academy

When it was over, Chef Cathy Dano, well-renowned chef, restaurant owner and one of the owners of Monster Kitchen Academy was called up on stage to deliver her Closing Remarks.  In her speech, she stressed that students should maintain integrity and humility to succeed in the industry. The graduates were surely moved by her speech.

After her speech, a class pictorial with the Monster Kitchen Academy’s mascot “M” and their instructors and the institution’s owners commenced. This marked the end of the Graduation Ceremony.



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