Jollibee Masterson is Now Open! Bringing In Your Favorite Langhap-Sarap Meals to Uptown CDO

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Good news uptowners in Cagayan de Oro! Jollibee Masterson just opened their doors to the public last Sunday, October 21, 2018, and the fast food chain’s fans couldn’t be more excited!

Finally, they will be able to eat their Jollibee favorites any time they want and can even avail of the Drive-Thru counter for quick take out transactions!

VIP Private Launching

The opening of Jollibee Masterson was composed of two days and it was a blast! They held a VIP private launch last October 20, 2018 (Saturday) and the event was graced by Jollibee Masterson’s owners, Jollibee executives, staffs, Mayor Oscar Moreno and other VIP guests.


The launching started with the Introduction and acknowledgment of guests and Jollibee was also introduced to everybody.


After that, the store blessing ceremony began and was followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

When this was done, one of the owners, Mr. David Nicholas delivered his speech and shared the reason Jollibee has always been close to his heart and his family.

The opening of Jollibee was a significant milestone in his life since he remembered when he was just a kid, he had one of his birthdays celebrated in a Jollibee store in Manila and it was when his parents knew that Jollibee had a special place in his heart and his life.

Mayor Oscar Moreno and Ms. Ana Aluyen also delivered their speeches and expressed their joy with the opening of another Jollibee branch.

Both were happy to say that the Jollibee franchise is indeed a booming one with over thousands of stores not only in the country but also abroad as well.

Now it was time for the Chickenjoy Toast! It’s such a unique gesture since most use wine for toasting but they did it using one of Jollibee’s signature products, the chicken joy!


The coin-throwing ceremony followed suit and the Jollibee Masterson Store Team was then introduced to the guests.

This line-up is a dedicated team of professionals all will make sure that this store will have smooth-sailing operations on a daily basis.

Here’s the highlight of the program, the Jollibee Crew was called out on stage to deliver a Special Dance number which definitely brought a smile to all the guests.

Kids were very happy indeed as they watched Jollibee and his companions danced their hearts out.

One of the owners even danced with them! 🙂

When this part of the event was done, the guests were treated to a “Salo-Salo” and got the chance to enjoy Jollibee treats first-hand.


Overall, the event was indeed a memorable one and everybody was overjoyed to finally have a Jollibee branch uptown.

Grand Opening Day

On October 21, 2018 (Sunday) – Jollibee Masterson officially opened their doors to the public to an excited crowd who can’t wait to dine inside the store.

It was only 6 am yet, many were already lining up just to become the first customers of the newly-opened Jollibee store.

The first 100 customers of Jollibee Masterson that day were able to get exciting Freebies!

When the doors officially opened, several customers rushed in and you can just see how packed the place was!

The Jollibee Crew once again delivered a fun dance number which got the crowd excited! People couldn’t help but have their photos taken with Jollibee and his crew.

Going back into the store, you can just see the genuine smiles and the expression of happiness on the faces of the customers especially the kids!

Jollibee executives also couldn’t hide their happiness at the opening, you can tell by their lovely smiles.

A motorcade with the Jollibee crew took place, they went around the city to announce their opening and when they came back, it signaled the end of the event.

The Grand Opening was indeed an amazing one since the store had waves of customers going in and out of the store.

In short, the new Jollibee store was well-received by the public especially the residents of Uptown Cdo.

Congratulations Jollibee Masterson on your successful opening! You definitely bring more smiles to the Uptown Crowd and made uptown living more meaningful!

Note: All aerial shots are courtesy of Doodzkie Calderon of Katawa Cdo Doodzkie.

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