Dear Manok – A Household Name When it Comes to Grilled Chicken is Now Open at SM Cdo Downtown Premier Bringing You their Famous Signature Dishes and More

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Dear Manok Grilled Chicken Restaurant started out as a tiny lechon stall in Iligan City. It is owned by the Santos Family. The couple owners were originally from Cagayan de Oro which is why they decided to open a Dear Manok branch in Captain Vicente Roa St. in 1997. This is now the one that is currently located in Tiano Street.

As the years passed, the business grew and grew and Dear Manok became well-known for their house specialty which is their savory and delicious grilled chicken with unlimited rice. Aside from that, Dear Manok also serves plenty of Pinoy favorites that they’re also known for such as; Bulalo, Grilled seafood, fried seafood, sisig, sizzling pusit and more.

Dear Manok is under the umbrella of the DEU 818 Corporation which is also the one that brought Kagay-anons “High Ridge” Restaurant which offers casual dining with a view experience. Now for the first time, Dear Manok has ventured entering the mall scene by opening its newest branch at the 4th Level of SM Cdo Downtown Premier.

The design is very native Filipino which loyal patrons and Kagay-anons surely love. This new branch also offers their signature dishes namely; the Grilled Chicken Inasal, Pancit Guisado, Kinilaw, Chicken Skin, Flavored Fries, Halo-Halo and many others.

Members of the Media and Blogger community got to experience their new branch at SM Cdo Downtown Premier at the Media Night yesterday, September 12, 2018, got to meet the owners and had a wonderful experience trying out their palatable dishes together with SM Supermalls’ PR Manager, Ms. Ivy Guantero. I must say, their dishes are really delectable plus they’re very affordable too!

So the next time you’re at SM Cdo Downtown Premier, don’t forget to bring your family and friends at Dear Manok and have an unforgettable dining experience that offers good value for money!

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