Celebrate the Season with Freshness and Color at the Revlon Professional’s 2018 Spring/Summer Sun Festival Collection

The Sun Festival Collection brought to you by Revlon Professional is a unique collection that breathes freedom, freshness and creativity. It is composed of spirited and vibrant color offerings that took inspiration from the excitement brought about by live music, … Continued

Are You in for a Hair Escape? Give Your Hair a Fancy MakeOver and the Care it Deserves, Hairscape.Ph Grooms Hair to Perfection!

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The hair is a person’s crowning glory, so if there’s something others will notice about you, it’s the hair. However, not everybody can have great hair because of certain elements that can damage one’s hair such as weather factors, one’s … Continued

Bagel Girl – A Korean Accessories Store Opens at SM City Uptown

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If you visit SM City Uptown, you’ll notice a new store that just opened last April 11, 2018 called “Bagel Girl“. Girly girls will truly find this store exciting especially those who love accessories like, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bunny ears … Continued

Merry & Bright Christmas Bazaar: A Mall Display of Christmas Gift Items Ideal for Presents and Holiday Giveaways

Tis the season to be jolly and generous! Everybody’s buying gifts for loved ones to celebrate Christmas Day. If you are one of those people who’s still in search for Christmas gifts or corporate holiday giveaways, we know just a … Continued

Bellavish Beauty Hub: A Beauty and Wellness Center Stressing the Importance of Feeling Good both Inside and Out

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Many women these days are so obsessed with looking good. They try all these beauty treatments and even go as far as going under the knife just to become what they believe as an enhanced, better version of themselves. However, … Continued

There’s No Such Thing as “No Time for Exercise” at Anytime Fitness, Here You Can Workout 24/7

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Yes, we’ve heard it all before. You can’t work out because the gym is far from your house. You can’t exercise because the gym fees are too expensive. You can’t exercise because you’re busy and the regular gym schedules interfere … Continued