Bellemoda Make-up & Beauty Lounge: The Newest One-stop Shop for Make-Up Lovers and Beauty Enthusiasts in Cagayan de Oro

For beauty enthusiasts and make-up artists, it can be difficult to look for authentic and high-quality cosmetics since some stores sell imitations while online shops sell them at a high cost due to shipping fees and other hidden costs.

Good thing, Bellemoda is now in Cagayan de Oro! Owned by beauty aficionado and professional Make-Up Artist, Liane Bastarache, this makeup and beauty lounge is nestled nicely at the 2nd floor of the Cagayan de Oro Town Center.

Bellemoda is a combination of two French words meaning; “Belle” (beauty) and “Moda” (fashion). This beauty hub does not only sell high-quality and original cosmetics, Liane also has her very own glam studio inside the establishment where she can accommodate clients who want her to do their makeup. The business opened last December 9, 2017, which is Bellemoda’s first branch.

About the Owner

Elaiza Liane Bastareche hails from San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and got her college degree at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City. Even as a college student, she already had a passion for makeup, doing the make-up of her friends for free. These people served as her training ground and helped her develop her makeup skills.

After graduating from college, Liane worked as a Bank Teller but realized it wasn’t for her so she moved on to pursue her passion. She studied at MUD (Make-Up Designery International School) in Manila to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge she needed to hone her craft.

Later on, she went back to Cagayan de Oro and started to have make-up gigs in the city. For her stints, she needed to always have a makeup stash complete with good-quality and authentic items to ensure that her clients will get the best and so as not to harm their skin. Because of this, she became a regular customer of local cosmetic stores and online shops which was very inconvenient and too expensive for her.

She found out that most make-up artists in the city have the same plight, they are having a hard time finding the best cosmetics, authentic, high-quality ones at reasonable prices. They all know that using fake and cheap make-up is harmful to the skin. So Liane thought that what if she found a way to help others and herself in having easy access to safe, effective and original cosmetics?

That’s where the idea of opening up a beauty and make-up lounge came into her mind. Aside from that, her friends and family also influenced her to start up her own business and they really inspired her.

When asked what her favorite makeup trend is, Liane’s reply was doing eyebrows. This is what sparked her passion for makeup, but it used to be her weakness and now she mastered the art of doing perfect brows!

What sets her apart from other make-up artists out there? Liane said; “Ladies should only use make-up to look presentable and enhance their beauty. Cosmetics must not only focus on enhancing physical appearance but it should also unleash inner beauty.

What Does Bellemoda Have to Offer?

Bellemoda has a wide range of cosmetics (over 200 brands) that are the most sought after ones in the industry. They are all branded, original, very hard to find and of extremely good quality. This beauty hub also offers make-up tools (branded brushes, airbrush gun, etc.) for make-up artists or those who want to pursue a career in the make-up industry.

Some of their best-sellers include; MAC, Marc Jacobs, Charlotte Tilbury and many others. Here are some of the products they offer:

When asked how much these products are? Liane said the price range is from P500 – 50, 0000. The most expensive item she has in her store is the Urban Decay Brush Belt (Limited Edition) which costs P50,000.

They also sell imported fragrances!

Bellemoda also offers make-up services for those who want to get glammed up for certain occasions.

For Regular Make-up the rate is P1, 000, for home service sessions (P1, 500 per head, minimum of 3 persons) for Airbrush sessions (P3, 000 – 5,000 depending on client’s needs/preferences). Bellemoda also offers wedding and debut packages so drop by their shop for the rates.

What Makes them Stand Out?

Bellemoda is a one-stop shop since it sells almost everything one needs related to cosmetics plus it also has a make-up studio for those want their make-up done.

It is a very unique shop and is the only one in Cagayan de Oro with this concept (beauty hub + makeup lounge in one). It sells hard to find cosmetics that you constantly look for online at very reasonable prices.

Operating Hours, Future Plans and Contact Information

Bellemoda is open every Monday-Saturday from 11 am – 9 pm, but home service can be done at any time and any day of the week. Liane plans to expand the business soon whether in Iligan or Butuan City but that remains to be seen.

For more information and inquiries, you may reach Bellemoda at the following contact information below:

Facebook: Bellemoda


Contact Number: 0906-560-4177

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