Beauty Wise Introduces New Endorsers and Exciting New Line Up of Products

Nowadays, both men and women give high regard to skincare. It’s because the skin is that part of the body which gathers the most attention when one looks at you. However, with so many different skin types around? Which brand of skincare products should you trust? We highly recommend Beauty Wise.

Beauty Wise is a skincare brand owned and founded by the siblings; Ms. Jennifer Tapulgo-Galo, Ms. Justine Tapulgo, and Ms. Josephine Tapulgo. The brand is a byproduct of JNJ Beauty Essentials and it has become very popular in the country since many consumers who have tried their products were very satisfied with the results thus leading them to share the news to everyone. Due to these testimonials, more and more have trusted Beauty Wise and they did not regret their decision.

The company’s vision and mission is to provide advanced skincare products and bring about innovative products as well to consumers.

Some of Beauty Wise signature products are the following; Rejuvenating Set, Anti-Melasma Set, RejuvLite Set, Perfect Radiance Intensive Bleaching Cream, Premium AHA White Boost Serum, Rejuvenating Toner, Rejuvlite Toner with Tomato, Anti-Melasma Toner, Premium Tomato Soap, Anti-Melasma Soap, Kojic Acid Soap, Anti-Melasma Cream, Anti-Melasma Premium Sunblock, Rejuvlite Face Cream with Tomato, Rejuvlite Premium Sunblock, Rejuvenating Cream, Rejuvenating Premium Sunblock, Dental Wise Toothpaste and Brightening & Deep Cleansing Gentle Foam Wash.

What’s New at Beauty Wise?

One of the best things about Beauty Wise is their innovativeness. Yesterday, September 23, 2019, they launched their new products:

Beauty Wise Lotions:

Orange Peeling Lotion, Intensive Whitening Lotion, Sunpro PA+++ SPF 50, Kojic Acid + Tranemaxic Lotion SPF 30, Body Firming Lotion, Gentle Soothing Lotion, L-Glutathione Lotion SPF 15 and Age-Defying Lotion.

Beauty Wise Cosmetics:

  • Moppa Lip Tints
  • Moppa Foundation

Who are the New Endorsers and How Were they Selected?

The new faces of Beauty Wise Philippines are as follows;

Ms. Justine Tapulgo – One of the Owners of Beauty Wise Philippines

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2019 – Cindy Obenita

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2019 1st Runner Up – Nicole Ramos

Yuki Sakamoto – He is a half-Japanese, half-Filipino aspiring model, Showtime Bidaman Finalist, Actor (Echorsis 2016) and former Contestant (Pinoy Boyband Superstar 2016).

Al Moralde – He is a comedic vlogger from Cagayan de Oro who found his popularity through his funny videos and antics online.

According to the owners, the choosing process was hard because several names and photos were given to them. Aside from that, some of their choices were already tied up to other brands which is why they weren’t available for other endorsements.

Ms. Josephine Tapulgo – One of the Owners of Beauty Wise PH

One day, one of the owners saw Yuki at a popular noontime show “Showtime” wherein he was one of the finalists, so they contacted him to become one of Beauty Wise’s endorsers to which he agreed and the rest is history.

As for the beauty queens, Cindy and Nicole, Beauty Wise has a partnership with Miss Cagayan de Oro so every year, some of the winners automatically become one of their endorsers.

With regards to Al Moralde, Ms. Mary Jane Uy is a fan of this funny guy online so she found a way to contact him through one of her friends and convinced him to become one of their brand ambassadors/endorsers.

As for Ms. Justine Tapulgo, she is one of the siblings and owners of Beauty Wise Philippines and her sisters believe in her capability and beauty as an endorser of the product which is why she was chosen as one of the brand’s endorsers.

Ms. Justine Tapulgo – One of the Owners and Endorsers of Beauty Wise Philippines

How is Beauty Wise Doing Right Now?

According to Mr. Mark Edson Pagaspas (Beauty Wise PR and Marketing Manager), the brand is doing quite well as of the moment. In fact, their sales rose up compared to the past few months and the figures are growing.

Beauty Wise Future Plans

The brand wishes to add more branches in different parts of the Philippines and become the leading brand of skincare products nationwide.

Launching of Beauty Wise New Products and Endorsers

Yesterday, Beauty Wise introduced their new products and endorsers to the media and blogger guests at the Sapphire Function Room of Limketkai Luxe Hotel.

According to the owners, they are very excited to show their loyal patrons and other consumers the new products they came up with such as their lotions and cosmetics.

The new endorsers were also introduced and a Press Conference then followed to help the media get to know them better.

Q&A Portion with the Media and Bloggers

Some of the questions asked by the media and the answers to them:

Do you have any plans of making cosmetics for men?

There are no plans as of the moment. But we used our cosmetics on our male endorser during their photoshoot and they worked very well on their skin.

What challenges did you face being both an endorser and one of the brand owners?

According to Ms. Justine Tapulgo, overcoming shyness is one of her struggles and she hopes that by being one of the endorsers of Beauty Wise, her confidence will get a boost.

Are your products hypo-allergenic?

According to Ms. Jennifer, their products are not hypo-allergenic but are FDA-approved. Hypo-allergenic skincare products are usually very mild and are not capable of treating acne which is why theirs are not.

How can one become a re-seller or distributor?

To become a reseller or distributor, click this link and fill up the information. Then wait for them to contact you.

How to handle allergic reactions after using the product if any?

In case the user of the product experiences redness, irritation or some pain, stop using the product for 2 or 3 days and then resume. Peeling and redness is part of the skin renewal process and is considered to be normal in the case of Beauty Wise rejuvenating sets.

Are Beauty Wise cosmetics cruelty-free? Paraben-free?

Their products are cruelty-free but only some are paraben-free, not all.

How would you describe your Beauty Wise skincare routine?

Ms. Jennifer Tapulgo-Galo said that she uses the Beauty Wise Rejuvenating Set, the AHA White Boost Serum, and their Sunblock lotion on a daily basis.

Which Beauty Wise products have you tried and why do you like them?

Miss Cdo 2019 Cindy Obenita: I’ve tried the Brightening & Deep Cleansing Gentle Foam Wash and the Beauty Wise Moppa Foundation. She finds both products giving her a nice, clean and glossy effect on her skin.

Miss Cdo 2019 1st Runner Up Nicole Ramos: I’ve tried the Brightening & Deep Cleansing Gentle Foam Wash and the Beauty Wise Moppa Velvet Lip Tint. The Facial wash gives my skin that shiny glow and helps in oil control. What I love about the Moppa lip tint is that it is very long-lasting and it doesn’t smudge.

Contact Information

For more information or inquiries, you may reach Beauty Wise Philippines through the contact information below:


Facebook Page: Beauty Wise Philippines

Office Address: Somerset St., Victorian Heights, Brgy. Sauyo, Quezon City Philippines


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