Astoria Hotels & Resorts Presents: A Symposium on “Trends in Hospitality and Tourism Industry: An Educator’s Prelude to Program Design” and Contract

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Last October 10, 2018Astoria Hotels & Resorts conducted a symposium at Cucina Higala entitled; “Trends in Hospitality and Tourism Industry: An Educator’s Prelude to Program Design.

It was a special event since it enabled the attendees to get to know Astoria Hotels & Resorts on a deeper level, it also allowed them to learn what the WorldWide Internships Philippines Company was about and what they offer, lastly, everybody also got to witness the contract signing of the partnership between Astoria Hotels & Resorts and Monster Kitchen Academy.

Morning Program

The morning program started with an invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. After that, welcome remarks were delivered by the Hotel Manager of Astoria Plaza, Mr. Felimon J. Regalado Jr.

After that, an introduction of the program executives took place which was facilitated by Mr. Christian M. Belen (Senior Program Executive). An introduction of the Program Participants then followed suit hosted by Mr. Jean Loi Joseph Perez (Program Executive).

When all the above was done, the Symposium Proper started with its first speaker, Mr. Santi L. Macutay (Program Sales & Marketing Director).

His speech was very informative and enlightening as he discussed the various do’s and don’ts in the tourism and hospitality industry since those particular flaws have been present for a long time now. Through his speech, he aims to educate the attendees on how to do things right and provided some useful tips.

When he was done, an Open Forum (Q&A segment) took place, a Raffle Draw and the guests were then treated to a sumptuous lunch by Cucina Higala.

Afternoon Program

In the afternoon, the program started with an International OJT Presentation by the President of Worldwide Internships Philippines, Ms. Cristina Imperial Carl.

She discussed what their company was about, how their program works, what the benefits of joining their programs are, who their partners are and how to apply.

The mission of Worldwide Internships Philippines is to create life-changing experiences abroad for university students and young graduates through professional internships.

Their vision is dedicated to becoming the #1 customer service provider in the market by constantly putting themselves in their customers’ shoes.

Their plans for 2018 is that after settling down in Mexico City in 2015 and opening our two first worldwide offices in 2016.

Who are their partners?

Universities and Culinary Institutes – They will assist students during the entire process of ensuring visa, insurance, and valuable internship positions while giving them local support as well.

Agencies – They will promote destinations and will be happy to welcome students into their internship programs

Hotels and Companies – They will find suitable and qualified international students for your organization. They will deal with all the difficulties such as recruitment, legal issues, insurance, international affairs, welcome, monitoring and replacement.

Just send them the profile you are looking for and the internship description. Anyone interested in applying may also do so here.

Here are the details of their programs, positions available and program fees, just visit the links for more details:

Internship Positions

Hospitality & Culinary Internships Abroad

Internship Program Fees

For more information, you can also visit their Facebook Page: Worldwide Internships Philippines and their website:

The next part of the program was the “Synthesis” segment provided by Mr. Dominador D. de Asis Jr. (Training Center Director).

When this was done, it was time for the highlight of the program which was the contract signing of the Partnership (MOA) between Astoria Hotels & Resorts with Monster Kitchen Academy which was represented by Mr. Angel B. Qunito.

A Raffle Draw again took place and amazing prizes were given to the winners. A special dance number was then presented by the executives of Astoria Hotels & Resorts which was joined by the participants.

A Special message was then given by Ms. Camelle Joy A. Cerado (Senior Program Executive) to close the program.

A picture-taking ceremony then took place and then it was the end of the event.





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