7 Commandos Beach: De-stress Your Mind and Body with a Gorgeous View of Endless Blue

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7 Commandos beach at El Nido, Palawan definitely isn’t the most accessible place I’ve ever been to, especially if you’re from Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao like I am. But let me let you in on a little secret… It’s totally worth the trip!


When 7 Commandos beach finally came into view, it took my breath away. The white sand shore and the rocky island outcroppings, green with the growth of wild flora and moss, gave a somewhat secluded and dreamy feel to the place. It looked to me like exactly what you would envision if you were to dream of a paradise at sea.


The crystal clear waters were ideal for snorkeling and the beach side was perfect for lounging around with a good friends and a nice, ice-cold beer in your hand. Couple that with well-developed and tastefully furnished rooms and you’ve got yourself paradise on earth.


The locals say that 7 Commandos Beach was given its name because of the seven soldiers, whose names seem to have faded from their memory, who used to live here. Most likely, they chose this place as a respite from their days of duty and service. Let me tell you that they could not have picked a better place, even if they’d tried. Truthfully, if this place is good enough for soldiers, who have experienced the hardships of war, to sit back, relax, and ease their troubled minds, it definitely is good enough for me.


There are two ways to get to El Nido.  For the fastest, more direct route, you first need to get to Manila either by boat or plane. From there you can take a direct flight to El Nido. The flight typically lasts about an hour, though you can get there in less time if the weather is good and you’ve got a tail wind pushing you along. You disembark at Lio Airport, and from there it’s only a 4 kilometer tricycle ride to El Nido.


The less direct, albeit more scenic, route is to get to Puerto Princesa either from Manila or from Cebu. From there, it’s a 220 kilometer, six to eight hour land trip depending on the mode of transportation that you choose. You can rent a car or a motorcycle, go by van, or go by bus. If you don’t feel like making the six hour drive, the bus is typically the slower option, though it’s more comfortable than taking a van, which can get a little crowded at times.


Personally, I quite enjoyed the boat ride in our Island hopping. I believe that there’s really no better way to feel connected to the place and experience the scenic, coastal views than by driving at your own leisurely pace and just drinking in the scenery. 7 Commandos Beach is most accessible from Corong-Corong Beach. You can take either a banca or a kayak. If you’re blessed with fair weather, the trip should only take you around 30 minutes.

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